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OPH is integrated by a team of professionals with ample experience and different legal specialisations. Its aim is to provide agile and comprehensive advice of the highest level, that supports the growth of its clients. The well recognised trajectory of its professionals allows those who deposit their trust in OPH to feel reassured that their business will be dealt with under the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and reserve.


In OPH we provide a service of the highest standard that puts excellence first. With our team, integrated by professionals specialised in different branches of the law, we defend our client, focusing on personalised advice. We offer a warm and trusting working environment to our collaborators, where they can feel their efforts are rewarded.


To be a reference in legal services, creating a solid relationship with our clients. Our committed team of professionals will provide the support that your growth requires. We will stimulate our collaborators to share our objectives and work philosophy.

In OPH we act taking into account the values that characterise us, these are the basis for our committment to the client and to our workmates.

Ética Reserva Eficiencia
Confianza Solvencia Atención Personalizada
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Tel: 2410 - 2251
Fax: 2410 - 7033
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Montevideo, Uruguay